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Rent Props, Sets, Theatre Spaces, & More

Space Rentals

For space rentals contact DJ Haugen at (414) 299-4957 or by email.

Set Rentals

If we do not currently have the set you are looking for already built, we also have a full scenic shop capable of building to suit your needs. For more information, contact Production and Facilities Director DJ Haugen at (414) 299-4957 or by email.

Costume Rentals

If you are interested in renting costumes from the Skylight Music Theatre, contact Barry Link at (414) 299-4954 or by email.

Prop Rentals

Currently Available to Rent:

Contact DJ Haugen at (414) 299-4957 or by email. 

Skylight for Hire

If we do not have your requests in our current stock, we have a full scenic and costume studios capable of designing and/or constructing to suit your needs.

For more information, contact DJ Haugen at (414) 299-4957 or by email.