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Things That Go Ding!

February 2–March 3, 2019

Past Show

Back by overwhelming demand! Skylight percussionist Michael “Ding” Lorenz will mesmerize you with his outrageous collection of eclectic and vintage percussion instruments. This delightful show, which played to sold-out audiences in 2012, will be presented on the Cabot Theatre stage for the first time.

Cast & Crew


Ding – Michael "Ding" Lorenz
Jamie – Jamie Johns
Ray – Ray Jivoff
The Peanut Gallery – Larry, Moe, Curly, Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Maxene, LaVerne, Patty, Tony, Orlando, Dawn. (Understudies: Sonny and Cher)


Artistic Advisor – Jill Anna Ponasik
Co-Music Director – Jamie Johns
Co-Music Director – Michael "Ding" Lorenz
Lighting Designer – Aaron Zimmermann
Costume Coordinator – Shima Orans
Sound Designer – John Tanner
Stage Manager – Melissa Bondar

Press & Reviews

Things That Go Ding! Gallery


  • "Things That Go Ding!" is a variety show in the best sense of the word, showcasing the ridiculous talent of three Milwaukee performers who are allowed to do the things they do best and loving every minute of it.
  • It's a virtuoso evening for the percussionist Lorenz, who races through the thicket of marimbas, drums, cymbals, gongs, chimes, bells, duck calls and gewgaws for the right note at the right time.
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel