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School of Rock Young Performer Audition Info

Submit a self-tape by June 5th

Rehearsal: 10/24/23, Opens: 11/17/23, Closes: 12/30/23

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SCHOOL OF ROCK – Rehearsal: 10/24/23, Opens: 11/17/23, Closes: 12/30/23

Director: Michael Unger

Music Director: David Bonofiglio


We do our best to accommodate student schedules, but during tech rehearsals and performances students may need to miss school.




All youth performers are asked to submit virtually prior to in-person callbacks, date TBD.





[SUMMER] – Range: A3-D5; Summer is a high-achieving girl who hates nonsense. Initially, she absolutely despises Dewey, but comes to love him and the band—or, perhaps, the power that comes with it. Eventually, she is willing to do anything to see them win the Battle of the Bands competition and, even more, become a team. Summer is one of the brightest students at Horace Green.


[TOMIKA] – Range: A3-D5; Tomika transfers to Horace Green after being accepted off the waiting list. She is shy and doesn't speak to anyone at school and feels as though she's not as intelligent as the other students. However, it turns out that she is a highly gifted singer, and becomes the secondary singer in School of Rock, behind only Dewey.


[ZACK] – Range: A3-D5 (PLAYS GUITAR); Zack is the band’s lead guitarist and also a talented songwriter. He desperately wants to impress his father, who’s usually too busy with work to take an interest in his family. MUST PLAY GUITAR WELL.


[FREDDIE] – Range: A3-D5 (PLAYS DRUMS); Freddy is a rambunctious boy, as shown when he repeatedly slams cymbals together disruptively during music class. He is constantly told he isn't intelligent—by both his own father and Summer—but, like Dewey, intelligence can come in a variety of ways. He appreciates Dewey seeing something in him that even his father cannot. MUST PLAY DRUMS WELL.


[KATIE] – Range: A3-D#5 (PLAYS BASS); Katie is a quiet, serious girl who keeps mostly to herself. She plays the cello at school but is quick to pick up the bass at Dewey's encouragement. She is stone-faced when she plays and takes her instrument and the band very seriously. But not letting appearances deceive, she is a rocker! MUST PLAY BASS WELL.


[LAWRENCE] – Range: A3-D#5 (PLAYS PIANO/KEYBOARD); Lawrence is an unconfident boy who is also gluten intolerant. He initially believes that he isn't cool enough to be a part of the band, but Dewey is able to convince him that he's amazing. MUST PLAY PIANO WELL.


[SHONELLE & MARCY] Range: A3-D5; Shonelle and Marcy are quieter girls who tend to blend into the background. They are School of Rock's backup singers and talented dancers.


[BILLY] – Range: A3-D5; Billy is a flamboyant and artistic with a love of style and fashion magazines. He is disgusted with Dewey's grungy outfit choices, and how no one else in the band shares his artistic vision. Despite all of that, he is confident in his styling choices and ends up being celebrated for his designs.


[SOPHIE & MADISON] – Range: A3-D5; Sophie and Madison are School of Rock's roadies, but, since the band doesn't go on tour, they are essentially backup dancers. Each girl is a talented dancer and they can often be found together, much like Marcy and Shonelle.


[MASON] Range: A3-D5; Mason is a super-smart, nerdy, tech-savvy boy who designs all the lighting and special effects for the band using his laptop.


[JAMES] Range: A3-D5; James becomes the band's security guard. During rehearsals, Dewey has him stand near the door, and if James sees anyone potentially who might blow School of Rock's cover, he has the job of alerting the rest of the band so they can hide the instruments.


[STUDENT ENSEMBLE] Looking for 2 additional youth performers to play additional classmates.



Please make a video (using landscape mode, if using a phone or tablet) of two contrasting songs of your choice, 1-2 minutes each in the style of the show, along with a 1-2 minute monologue or selection from a book. Youth Performers interested in instrumentalist roles in School of Rock should prepare a 1-2 minute demonstration of you playing your instrument(s) in addition to the songs and monologue requested above.


We ask that you use your name as the title of the video – do not use “Skylight” or “Skylight Music Theatre” in the video title.


Provide a link of your video (YouTube (unlisted), Google or Vimeo) when filling out this form: School of Rock YP Audition Form


Videos must be received by June 5, 2023.