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From Here To Eternity Audition Info

Auditions In-Person June 4th and 5th, 2023; or Submit a self-tape by June 5th

Rehearsal: 3/19/24, Opens 4/12/24, Closes: 5/5/24

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FROM HERE TO ETERNITY – Rehearsal: 3/19/24, Opens 4/12/24, Closes: 5/5/24

Director: Brett Smock


[ROBERT E. LEE PREWITT] – Powerful rock Tenor to B; Any ethnicity; focused, moral, stubborn. A strong-minded Kentucky soldier with heart and soul but with a charismatic and destructive rebellious streak. Athletic and agile. A soldier with grit, determination, and pain in his pores. Street smart and savvy but not sophisticated or worldly. Age: Mid-20s.


[FIRST SERGEANT MILT WARDEN] – Strong baritone who can sing the blues; Any ethnicity, fit, a soldier’s soldier; restless and irritable; trapped in a dangerous but passionate reality; begrudgingly falls in line under authority despite his strong dislike for it; in love with his boss’s wife. Age: 30-35. Ideally PLAYS HARMONICA, or able to learn. 


[LORENE]Mezzo w/strong belt; Pacific Islander, perceptive, intuitive, smart, resourceful and savvy sex worker; very attractive and knows how to use it. Must move extremely well. Physically centered and commanding. Warm and loving but relentlessly practical. Age: Mid-Late 20s.


[KAREN HOLMES] – Mezzo w/strong high belt; Any ethnicity, a hungry heart hidden behind layers of defense and anger; attractive, sexy, passionate, and tough. Seeking refuge and a new start. Must create dimension and humanity in an icy role. Age: 32-35.


[PRIVATE ANGELO MAGGIO] – Strong tenor to B flat; Italian-American, funny, charming, lovable, earnest and magnetic; wise-cracking no-gooder; wildly sneaky, understands the system and how to beat it. The kid your mother warned you about on the playground. Strong command. Prefer under 5’10”.  Age: 25.


[CAPTAIN DANA HOLMES] – Any voice type; Any ethnicity, arrogant, manipulative, and distracted; Trapped in a loveless marriage; Frustrated and irritated by lack of direction and participation in the war; anxious to climb the ladder. Misogynist and a product of the system. Does not sing except finale. Age: 40-45.


[CORPORAL ISAAC BLOOM] – Any voice type; Any ethnicity, overly outwardly confident, muscular and a bully. Works for the system. Physically and mentally strong, but vulnerable and becomes increasingly unstable as his sexuality is exposed. Wide, volatile emotional range. A teacher’s pet trapped by his own circumstances and unable to find a way out. Powerful, dimensional, and fearless actor.  Prefer taller than 5’11”. Age: 20s.


[IKE GALOVITCH] – Any voice type; Caucasian, Slavic authority figure; vindictive, rigid, and not all that bright. Physically imposing and threatening to the soldiers. Not a singing role except for finale. Excellent actor. Age: 35-45.


[MRS. KIPFER] – Strong belt/mix; Hawaiian/Japanese, owner of the New Congress Club; takes care of her girls and makes sure they earn their keep; in control, sexy and tough. Mother hen with only a small amount of heart. Commanding and magnetic. Age: 40s-60s.


[SERGEANT JUDSON] – Any voice type; Any ethnicity, Prison guard type. Lacking morals and compassion entirely. Sloppy, threatening and physically imposing, but not necessarily fit. The guy you love to hate. Little education, no prospects but a penchant for punishment and severity. Age: 30s. Does not sing except finale.


[SOLDIERS] – Mix of contemporary musical theatre/rock baritones and tenors with power; A combination of all ethnicities, looks, sizes, ages, types and backgrounds. Must be physically agile and athletic but varied body types encouraged. Excellent singer-actors with strong vocal and dramatic ranges who move very well. Age: 20s.



Please prepare two contrasting songs of your choice, 1-2 minutes each in the style of the show/s you are auditioning for. If you are interested in being considered for more than one show, choose material that shows off your range. In-person audition slots will be 10 minutes each.


Sign up for a slot and fill out your audition form here: Skylight IN PERSON Auditions 23-24



Note: Please do not submit a video audition if you are attending in person!


Please make a video (using landscape mode, if using a phone or tablet) of two contrasting songs of your choice, 1-2 minutes each in the style of the show/s you are auditioning for.


We ask that you use your name as the title of the video – do not use “Skylight” or “Skylight Music Theatre” in the video title.


Provide a link of your video (YouTube (unlisted), Google or Vimeo) when filling out this form: Skylight VIRTUAL SUBMISSION Form 23-24


Videos must be received by June 5, 2023.