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Candide Audition Information

Auditions In-Person June 4th and 5th, 2023; or Submit a self-tape by June 5th

Rehearsal: 9/19/23, Opens: 10/13/23, Closes: 10/29/23

All Auditions

CANDIDE – Rehearsal: 9/19/23, Opens: 10/13/23, Closes: 10/29/23

Director: James Ortiz

(This show is partially cast from the postponed, pre-pandemic production)



[CANDIDE]Range: C6-F3; BIPOC, an innocent and frank young man. Reads youthful, vulnerable. Actor must be able to play passionate, misguided, confused, heartbroken, exuberant, violent, rageful. Comedic actor/singer. Since this role is envisioned to be physical, clowning experience is a plus. Shakespeare or classical experience also a plus. Age: 30s.



[CUNEGONDE] – *CAST* – Range: E6-A3; A blonde beauty and Candide's love interest. Faithful, strong. Age 20-30.


[PANGLOSS] – *CAST* – Range: B5-F2; the self-opinionated, pompous, optimistic philosopher whose ideas lead Candide horribly astray. Age 40-60.


[OLD WOMAN] – *CAST* – Range: A5-G3; The illegitimate daughter of a Pope and a Princess and the subsequent victim of an extraordinary sequence of dramatic misfortunes. She is witty, dry, and pessimistic. Age: 60-75.


[MAXIMILLIAN] – *CAST* – Range: E6-A3; Cunegonde's brother. A young, handsome aristocrat whose looks are only matched by his vanity. Age: 20-25.


[PAQUETTE] – *CAST* – Range: A5-A3; A sexy but good-hearted maid who does her best to help reunite Candide with Cunegonde. Age 20-35.


[CACAMBO] – *CAST* – Range: F5-C4; Candide's faithful and utterly devoted servant. A friend with a wealth of practical knowledge to share. Age: 25-45.


[MARTIN] – *CAST* – Range: A5-A2; Martin is Voltaire's antidote to Pangloss. Martin must communicate a lifetime of disappointment and a skepticism born of observing the worst traits in human nature. Age: 40-60.


[VANDERDENDUR] – *CAST* – Range: B5-C4; A villainous pirate who makes off with all of Candide's treasure. He is the very archetype of vicious colonial oppression. Age: 35-50.


[ENSEMBLE] – *CAST* Baron, Baroness, Wealthy banker, Soldier, etc.



Please prepare two contrasting songs of your choice, 1-2 minutes each in the style of the show/s you are auditioning for. If you are interested in being considered for more than one show, choose material that shows off your range. In-person audition slots will be 10 minutes each.


Sign up for a slot and fill out your audition form here: Skylight IN PERSON Auditions 23-24



Note: Please do not submit a video audition if you are attending in person!


Please make a video (using landscape mode, if using a phone or tablet) of two contrasting songs of your choice, 1-2 minutes each in the style of the show/s you are auditioning for.


We ask that you use your name as the title of the video – do not use “Skylight” or “Skylight Music Theatre” in the video title.


Provide a link of your video (YouTube (unlisted), Google or Vimeo) when filling out this form: Skylight VIRTUAL SUBMISSION Form 23-24


Videos must be received by June 5, 2023.